Posted in on September 28, 2023

Overcoming Objections in 55+ Real Estate

Today’s 55+ buyers are well informed on the pros and cons of buying 55+ real estate. But keep in mind that every objection during the sales process is an opportunity to enlighten, educate, and ultimately win a new resident. Let’s dive deep into some common reservations prospects might voice and how to overcome them seamlessly. We’ve included responses you can adapt to fit your 55+ community’s specific features and personality.

Objection 1. “I’m worried about the lack of age diversity.”

Sure, a 55+ community naturally skews toward older adults. But you can point out there’s no lack of vibrancy or variety.

Possible response: “At our community, each resident brings their own unique life experiences, hobbies, and passions. While age might be a common denominator, the diversity of backgrounds, careers, and interests creates a stimulating and vibrant environment. Think of it as a college campus for the more experienced and wiser — you’ll never run out of intriguing conversations or new friendships.”

Objection 2. “What if I can’t resell my home due to age restrictions?”

A valid concern. No one wants their investment to feel trapped or limited.

Possible response: “It’s true that our community caters to those 55 and older, but did you know the demand for 55+ living options has been steadily rising? With more people looking for communities like this every year, you’ll find a market of eager buyers when and if you decide to sell. Plus, we have relationships with local real estate agents who are experienced in this community and can help ensure you get the most value from your home.”

Objection 3. “I don’t see any care services. What if my health needs change?”

55+ communities might not offer onsite care like a retirement community, but that doesn’t mean residents are left without options.

Possible response: “While we pride ourselves on fostering active, independent lifestyles, we also understand that needs change. Many of our residents partner with local health and home care providers for services directly in their homes, and we’re just minutes from local medical care. Don’t forget that being in a community means having a built-in support network of friends and neighbors. It’s the perfect blend of independence with a safety net.”

Objection 4. “I’m concerned about losing my privacy.”

With community living, the fear of being constantly surrounded by neighbors and activities can feel overwhelming for some.

Possible response: “We value your privacy just as much as you do. Our homes are designed to give you your own personal sanctuary, while the communal areas are there whenever you wish to socialize. It’s your choice on how active or private you’d like your day to be.”

Validate concerns and express empathy

One of the keys to overcoming objections in 55+ real estate is empathy. Understand where your prospects are coming from and address their concerns with genuine care and facts. Remember, at the heart of every objection is a need or desire. By addressing these needs and demonstrating the unique value of your community, you’ll not only make the sale — you’ll be helping someone find their new, fulfilling home.

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